A Runaway to Goa

The realization of how minuscule you are,
Is the beginning of your modesty.

                                                – Mamta Deladia

Yes, yes even I was in GOA. Locked down under 1 roof for the entire year really got it out of me. Goa is the only place currently open for tourism and mind you, I took the opportunity to be “unlocked”.

Mine was an impromptu trip to this land of beaches. One of my friend was planned to visit Goa. I just made one in the morning, packed my bags and boarded the flight in the afternoon. It was just so great to look out of the window (of the car) and for a change see the moving trees and cloud.

We didn’t have any plan for the places to visit. We both decided to just relax and figure out right there. Just the initial location was set and we moved to South Goa.

So, I won’t bore you with writing like William Wordsworth as you all know the bla bla bla stuff. I will share with you the new places that we visited, and are worth going if you are not so typical “Internet traveller”

Day 1:

Relax and enjoy the welcoming sunset
Dinner- at Palolem (which was at walking distance, just climb few rocks and spooky trail)

A Runaway to Goa

Day 2:

8.30 am- We got down at the beach and had a little fun until the sun started hitting hard.

A Runaway to Goa
The Travel Comrade

Breakfast at the cottage.
Later we just were deciding where to go today. We consulted the locals for better knowledge.
We hired a bike (as usual)

We moved more towards the south and visited

  1. Netravali
  2. Surla Waterfall
  3. Galgi Bagh Beach (Turtle Nesting Beach)
  4. Talpolem Beach


It is at a 32 km distance from Palolem. It is a Wildlife Sanctuary covering huge lands and multiple waterfalls along the trail. Our location was Bubbling Lake (the locals call it Budbudya Tadao). The speciality is that the lake generates bubbles within when anyone claps near the lake. It is a manmade lake, but the bubbling effect was an added Nature’s Gift. Of course, it has science to explain the rippling effect with the sound waves omitted.

Netravali Lake

Unfortunately, due to summers, the lake was not filled and didn’t show much effect. But we enjoyed the walking trails alongside the reduced waterfalls. Which just made us imagine the beauty it will hold during the rainy season. Hence, even if we didn’t get the bubbles, the knowledge of knowing the place and the trails are just amazing. Going during the Rainy Season will surely be the best.

Surla Waterfalls

It was the farthest (115 kms) but we wanted to visit, hence made the most of it. We knew that the waterfall won’t be active due to Summers, but we just loved the roads hence just accelerated towards it. The waterfall was very beautiful with fresh water below.

Surla Waterfall
Surla Waterfall

We so much wanted to jump, but we both didn’t know swimming hence didn’t want to risk our life’s here. Enjoyed some time here and left. On our way back we had so-called dinner at only visible local stall. We didn’t have proper food. Hence if you visit this site. Please carry your own food, so that you can spend a long time here.

Day 3:

This day first half we rested. Early morning beach visit and breakfast at the cottage.

Galgi Bagh:

We visited this beach early morning suggested by locals. The turtles run towards the sea. During sunset, the turtles come back to the beach for nesting. We got to see a few thankfully. The beach is too huge to roam, but we got hungry by afternoon and there was no food available anywhere. Hence as the day was about to set, we asked the local again. They suggested that you would get 1 shack at Talpolem beach.

Galgi Bagh Beach
Galgi Bagh Beach

Talpolem Beach:

We visited this beach in search of food. Thankfully it had 1 beach restaurant. We had really good food(pizza but it was too amazing) and enjoyed the sunset. We got to look around foreign locals who were resting at Talpolem, they were enjoying the regular dips in the sea and we were gossiping about how much we should learn swimming.

Talpolem Beach

We were told there was a headphone party (Silent Noise) nearby, but unfortunate that it was not open yet due to COVID. Ended the day by again visiting Palolem for dinner.

Day 4:

Relaxing again in the morning and this day we checked out and decided to move to North Goa for the remaining 2 days of our trip.

We reached and visited Bharat café at Tito’s junction and while having our lunch we were looking for a villa or BnB for our stay. We got a good deal for a nearby place to stay for 2 nights and checked in. We didn’t want to go far so that we avoided travelling more.

We freshened up and moved out in the evening just for a stroll in the ever-alive lane of Tito’s. We looked for new places to visit nearby and for the evening we visited Hammerzz, A Luxury Nightclub at Baga. Music was so good. Worth the visit and near to our place.

Day 5:

We had an indoor day time today and during the evening, we visited Purple Martini for drinks and brunch. Enjoyed the sunset from there.

Purple Martini

Roamed a little at Anjuna and came back. For dinner, we decided to visit Favela Greenhouse Bar and Bistro. They have their Inhouse Drinks Caipirinha’s (Must Try). With Jazzy music and amazing food (Mini Kadala Sliders), the night was spent superb.

Favela Greenhouse Bar and Bistro
Favela Greenhouse Bar and Bistro

Day 6:

The trip ended travelling back to the airport.

Being here I untethered myself from all exhaustion and vent spleen about my job and it was crazy.

Stay Courtesy:
South Goa: Pacific Sunset View Resort
North Goa: Villa Fatima Comforts